Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Wrath of a Scorned Woman

I worked with Rosetta again tonight, albeit somewhat reluctantly. I've been so busy with other writing projects, work and household tasks, that I've neglected her a bit. And we all know the wrath of a scorned woman....

She flew through so many new words in Core Lesson 2 that my head started to spin. I couldn't wait to complete it and take a breather. It was a very nice lesson, really, learning all about rooms in su casa or apartamento: una sala de estar (living room), un baño (bathroom), un dormitorio (bedroom), un comedor (living room); and things you'd find in them: sillas (chairs), mesas (tables), camas (beds), un frigadera (sink), un inodora (toilet). Easy for you to say.

Then we put things that we already know like gatos y perros y tasas y niñas en (in), sobre (0n) or debajo (under) the chairs, tables, cars, etc. It really does make sense and the pictures are pretty funny - and well done, if I may add. I would LOVE to be in a Rosetta photo shoot. "Now, stand up under the car while it's jacked up - and smile!" "Put the dog on the car and the cat in the hat!" El perro sobre le carro y el gato en la sombrero.

Next we covered one of my favorite topics - kissing (besa) and hugging (abraza). We did it with madre and padre and abuelo (grandpa) and abuela (grandma) and hermanas and hermanos and bebés and amigas and amigos and esposa and esposo. You get the picture. Lots of quiero going around.

As I'm amazing mi esposo with all of these newly learned tidbits, he says, "We speak English in this house." See what I'm dealing with. He did have to agree that it was easier to navigate in France with my somewhat limited, but functional French. When I told him how useful this will be when we go to Mexico, he raised another eyebrow. "Mexico? When are we going there?"

I don't know quite yet, but when we do, we'll be ready.

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