Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amelia Bedelia does Spain

Amelia Bedelia is one of my favorite storybook characters, probably because I can relate with her. She is a lovable screw-up, misinterpreting directions by following their literal meanings and causing havoc in the household where she works. But, in the end, she makes a wonderful dessert that wins their hearts, and saves her from unemployment.

I was interested in reading this in Spanish, just to see what trouble she'd get herself into in a Spanish house. Not that I can read the whole book yet, but I get the gist. The first job on her to-do list was cambia la cama (change the bed). "Donde la pondre?" penso Amelia. So she moves it all around the room, nearly blocking la puerta. Next, she was instructed to busco el periĆ³dico (look for the newspaper), so she turns the house upside down looking for it. It's outside near the doorstep, still unfound. Next on the list was dale una vuelta al perro. I'm still mystified with that request, even after consulting my dictionary - I know it has something to do with a dog. I'm thinking it means take the dog for a walk, but all Amelia did was pick it up off the couch and turn it around.

Meanwhile, Amelia whips up un pastel de merengue y limon (lemon merinque pie), because as she admits, "Yo hago muy buenos pasteles." (I make good pies.) Once again, she avoids getting fired.

There's a terrific Spanish section in our children's library that I'm exploring. The best thing about children's books are all their pictures and easy words. I'm feeling the pride that my kids felt when they mastered their first Doctor Seuss books.

Work at the university is LOCO! We're smack in the middle of spring registration, causing all the students to take a break from the classrooms and bars to visit our advising office. As I mentioned before, we are quite international and at the end of the day I feel like I've been day-trading in China. I also have a big story due for a magazine about the Perfect Winter. The thermometer just dropped to 56 degrees, helping me get into the mood. I still marvel at Julie Powell (Julie/Julia) who managed to work fulltime, then cook a gourmet meal and write about it every day. Rosetta will have wait a couple days before I can spend time with her again. Until then, hasta luego! (See you later!)

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  1. Hi Janie
    I enjoy your blog very much! Keep it going!
    Love and admiration from your favorite writer friend! :)
    You know who!
    P. S. The LCC project is at the printer...yikes! The words most likely to cause an anxiety attack: "Okay to print"!