Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Perfect Season

Okay, so I just wrote a magazine article about a Perfect Winter. (My real thoughts were to spend it in Jamaica in a beach house complete with cook and maid. I know it exists because my daughter Chelsea spent her honeymoon there in that manner.) Anyway, my Perfect Winter story highlighted the perfect martini, the perfect fire, the perfect holiday dessert, the perfect bath, the perfect cup of tea. You get the idea. Now I can write a recipe for the Perfect Season.

Here it is:
65 athletic young men
Experienced and caring coaching staff
Involved and supportive families
High expectation
Hope and dreams
Hard work

Pick your 65 athletes at a young age and condition them with good physical training. The best mix is young men who have known each other for years: learning, playing and praying together.
Stir in a great coaching staff that has believes in these boys and recognizes their potential and brings out their best, on and off the field. Add a mess of spirited, involved families who support the boys 24/7 and love them. Mix in high expectations - added early on for best results. Leaven with hopes and encourage them to follow their dreams. Build on a strong faith in God who gave gifts of talent and expects them back in his honor. Lastly, add the hard work. Because work wins.

The Central Catholic Knights played their hearts out in a 52-0 shutout at Lucas Oil Stadium last Friday making it a perfect 15 - 0 season. The Fountain Central Mustangs were a good team, but weren't prepared for the soldiers that appeared that day to claim their title. One newspaper reporter said they had "team speed," indicating that it wasn't just a few jazzy running backs that scored points - our whole team ran like a swarm of bees around a beehive resolved to win.

Gotta go in a second to pay my respects to Jesus at the chapel tonight. So many things to talk to Him about. Yes, my guadalupeproject and the upcoming feastday - yikes!, but also about how my son and his team were transformed into champions this year. Thanks be to God.

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