Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Signing the Commitment Papers

Back when I was a kid, people were sent to the asylum when they had emotional or mental problems. I picture concerned family members meeting with the institution's doctor and signing the commitment papers while the loved, but crazy, one is taken away in a strait jacket. This was way back before any of us had an understanding of mental illness and proper drug treatment. The scene is also probably right from some old Hitchcock movie...

However, the commitment paper concept lingered in my head today as I signed up for dos grandes cosas: A YMCA membership (I've been threatening to do that for some time), and deposits for the bribed Spring Break cruise. Mucho dinero, and I'm second-guessing my grand adventure. Most of the time I'm happy to be different, to step out of my comfort zone in order to really experience life. But today, maybe because it's rainy and gloomy, I just wanted to be one of those "same-old, same-olds," that usually bore me to death. You know, the folks that know every TV program and sports team statistic, but heaven forbid actually stepped out of their living rooms to live.

In my house, we nick-named our televisor "Marcia," and our computadora "Antonio." Mi esposo spends his downtime with Marcia, and guess who I'm with. More than I'd like to admit ~ especially when I'm with him at work!

Working with Rosetta requires extra effort that I'm not always up for. It would have been a lot easier to ignore her and spend some quality time with my couch and NCIS tonight. But signing those darn commitment papers today forced me to buck up and log in another lesson. My buddy Joanne is going on the cruise with us, and I told her that she'd better brush up on her Spanish too, because we're going native! God give me the energy and some sunny days!

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  1. Hola, Juanita,
    Mi habla Espanol, un poco.
    And, that's about it! Brain full learning other stuff! But, I do know how to say Margarita, Dos Equis and Corona! So, I think we'll be okay crusin'
    Love the blog...keep it going. You're terrific and courageous. You're MY hero.
    Su amiga, Juanita 2