Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dancing with the stars

Okay, my life has taken on this crazy twist, not that I wasn't crazy before my Guadalupeproject. This whole dancing thing is something else. Honestly, tonight when I was with my 12 fellow Latino dancers and friend Ann, it felt like a rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars. Not that I was ever really into that, but I know Marie Osmond fainted or fell or something, and part of me fears that's going to be me. I do have this funky little heart palpatation thing occasionally, and tonight it fluttered a bit when we doing the "Charlie Horse" dance (I'm not making this up) up and down the gym floor. I told Ann about it, and said if I have to, I'm just going to lay down until it's normal again. She said, "No problem, we'll just dance around you."

I love being around these young kids. I say kids, but they're all 18 - 25ish, and could be my kid. What enthusiasm, faith and dedication they have for this program to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. This isn't disco dancing, or worse, that young adults their age are doing now. This is hard, sweaty, heart-thumping, lung-stretching dancing. Perhaps, I should temper that comment that I'm sweating at any rate. I've realized that if I'm to cut the mustard for the long dance through town, in the dead of winter, no less, that I need to cross-train for endurance.

Tonight I learned that the "Drunken Sailor" dance is really the "Drunken Man." (Same thing in my book.) We also learned a new step involving a hop and a spin that is something you might see in figure skating. Everyone seems to be catching on so fast, like they were born with it, and probably were. I'm keeping up, but I am sore tonight!

Finished my magazine article today, so I can wrap my mind around Rosetta again. It's funny how throughout the day, Spanish words will pop into my head for no reason. Abuelo! Puerta! Roja! I am being subliminally brain-washed! Thank goodness - I needed to clean out those cobwebs!

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