Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Woop

Yesterday the local paper published an entry from this blog. They feature a local blogger each week along with his or her photo and a thumbnail sketch about their blog. Of course, it was the entry about me swearing at Rosetta and throwing things because I was frustrated with the (failing) feedback I was getting from the program.

My mom's reaction was, "Were you really swearing, dear?" Yes, mom, but I don't do it often. My husband's reaction was, "Your blog's in the paper. Not your best picture." My daughter's reaction was, "Yeah I know, big woop." I have to laugh; just when you getting a little big for your britches, these guys cut you off at the knees!

Back to my Guadalupeproject, I have sheets of notes piled up next to mi computadora with all kinds of Spanish words and phrases on them. I'm going to transcribe them in my journal tonight so I can hang on to them. Rosetta doesn't come with any textbooks or workbooks, and I can't keep it all in my head. I need Focus Factor and a secretary.

At work, Maria suggested that I buy a simple phrase book that all the Latinos use to decipher English. I'll just use it backwards. Rosetta is still holding out on everyday phrases like Donde está el baño? which I know I'll need to use when I'm in Mexico or Pepe's for that matter. But it's still early, I just started Unit 3 this week...

Everyday at work I meet international students who are mastering English so they can study in the United States. Their bravery is commendable - a new place, a new language, a new culture besides the rigors of getting a college degree. Vacationing abroad is one thing; total immersion is something else. If they can do all that, the least I can do is try to speak their language. But don't expect me to pursue a physics degree in Spanish, because that is not happening!

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