Friday, January 15, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

What is it, January, and I'm on my third headset from Rosetta?!! Part of me believes that my headset abuse is a secret message to quit learning Spanish. "Jane, all the cards are against you. You have so little time to practice. Your family thinks you're crazy. The headset malfunctions are a sign from God."

Call it a perverse death wish, but I bought #3 headset which came in the mail today, plugged the damn thing in and voila! I am estudiando español again! Tonight's lesson was a review. I learned that leche (milk) can be fea (bad/sour) or rico (great). You just needed to look at their faces when they were bebiendo. If you didn't want to drink it, but just sniffed it, it could huelen mal (smell bad) or huelen bien (smell good). Actually the sniffing pictures were of un hombre smelling his calcetines. And if you've ever smelled ripe socks, you'd make an awful face too.

So many resolutions for the New Year.... Luckily, they're basically my ongoing resolutions - lose weight, get organized, exercise more, learn Spanish, travel, get a better paying job. Me merezco un aumento. (I deserve a raise.) Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for my job, and know I'm darn lucky to have one in this economy. I love my office mates, my hours, the students I come in contact with, pero, I know I can do better considering I have a college degree and am not really using it. Okay, I'm not sure about using my Animal Science degree -I'm kind of over the animal fascination part of my life, but I know I'm destined for a more challenging job.

I say that and reflect what I did on my day off: worked out, juiced a bag of oranges, made peanut butter blossom cookies, sewed up my son's pants, practiced Spanish, and spent time with dear friends for dinner. It was a nearly perfect day with no "work" involved. If only I could get paid the Big Bucks for a day like that...

Hasta mañana

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