Wednesday, January 20, 2010

La vida es buena

Yes, life is good, now that I have a nifty little Spanish calendar of 365 phrases with phonetics. (Bonus - it was on sale after Christmas!) As you know, a phrase that rolls easily off your lips is far better than a labored literal translation which makes no sense at all to native speakers. Now I am equipped to razzle and dazzle, provided of course, the proper situation comes up to utter my new found phrase.

Todo el mundo dice lo mismo (Everybody says that).
Impecable (clean as a whistle). If you tried literally translating that, I'm sure it would sound stupid.
Sólo somos amigos (We're just friends). Hmmmm.
Viviendo la vida rica (Living the high life).
Que te vaya bien (Have a nice day).
Callado como un muerto (Quiet as a mouse). Literally quiet as a dead person.
Compórtate (Behave yourself).

Masa luego...

My other great find is the Spanish accent mark guide for English keyboards. Finally! I can use the correct punctuation. My mission is to go back to all prior entries and clean up my act. If I missed one, it's bonus points for you!

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